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Cai Lei

Cai Lei (b.1983) , a successful artist among his 80s generation, was born in Jilin Province, China. He graduated with a master degree from Central Academy of Fine Arts. Cai Lei has been highly successful in the international art scene. He has exhibited in the Foundation Taylor in France, Louisiana State University Museum of Art, USA and the Jacksonville Museum of Contemporary Art, USA, etc.

Cai Lei believes that his works must only contain the verity of his feelings, the natural state of his soul that is not deliberately intervened with. He explores the relationship between space and illusion creating an illusory space that fluctuates between being two and three-dimensional. His sculpture has always shown an interest in flatness, an interest which surpasses even his interest in volume and space. Using a two-dimensional plane as the foundation for his paintings and sculptures, he manages to manipulate the visual interpretation of his viewers. He attempts to use an extremely thin and shallow relief layering to create an illusion of spatial depth. The empty rooms are not old homes, yet they have that air of mystery that such old homes often possess. The painted interiors of hallways or corners oscillate between protruding and receding; creating a visual experience that is unique to each viewer.

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