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Farhan Siki

  • 1971 Born in Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia

  • 1992 Studied Painting at Student Fine Art Studio, State University of Jember, East Java, Indonesia

  • 2000 Graduated from Faculty of Cultural Science, State University of Jember, East Java, Indonesia

  • 2011 Artist in Residency at South Italy Street Art Community, Lecce, Italy

    Now Lives and Works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Farhan Siki is known as “Asia’s Banksy”, recognized as a street artist and an activist who works intensively on issues facing the urban community. In his artistic work, he reflects about the Pop Culture of the 21st Century, exploring textual elements, collecting logos, brands and symbols of mass culture, in order to prepare them on canvas, charging them with hyperbolic attributes and parody.

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