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Lugas Syllabus

Lugas Syllabus (b. 1987, Indonesia) is a contemporary artist who lives and works in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He is widely known for his paintings and sculptures that address the ironies and contradictions in modern and contemporary society. Woven into his pieces are narratives and iconography from pop culture, media, and technology; coupled with memories and folklore.

Taking socio-political observations, he weaves his own narratives, crystallizes it through his iconography, and unravels his own contexts of astonishing scenarios, characters, tensions, and relationships. The viewer becomes disoriented, unsure of its humor or gruesomeness, as they are absorbed and settled into the nebulous logic proposed. Much like the interconnected world we now live in, his work channels the hyper-distraction that is our current modernity, making one distracted and fixated.

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