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Mao Xuhui

Mao Xuhui was born in1956 in ChongQing, China.He graduated from the Yunnan Academy of Arts in 1982, majoring in oil painting. He is currently a member of the Yunnan Oil Painting Art Committee and the vice president of the Yunnan Oil Painting Society.

Mao Xuhui is one of China's top 100 power figures and one of the leaders of the 85' art movement. "What is a new image?" he asked. That is, the image of the soul, the image of the soul" slogan, good at image implied sensibility and intuition of communication. In the context of creative thinking, intercept fragments from everyday experience, put these living objects in the picture, so in the picture of the work, a large number of scissors, chairs, purple or gold symbols, to symbolize the times as a sign of power and life reference. In Mao Xuhui's art, ordinary household scissors have also become symbols that transcend their material functions. After experimenting with different forms and shapes, Mao Xuhui found the image of scissors the most fascinating. He embodied scissors as a form: "Scissors" removed the historical context of "parent" power and showed the helplessness of this society. Another important aspect of Mao Xuhui's work is to strike a balance between the tumultuous thoughts of nature, loneliness, superstition, religion, and orderly rationality similar to everyday objects. Mao Xuhui's pioneering thinking and continuous creative activities not only lay the foundation of his academic field of expertise. The price of works has also reached new highs in auction performance, and in 2015 it was selected as one of the top 30 artists by art magazines, which are well received by collectors from all over the world.

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