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Nyoman Nuarta

Nyoman Nuarta (born 1951) is one of Indonesia's most distinguished contemporary sculpture artists, well known for creating numerous masterpieces and building monumental statues which can be found in cities across Indonesia. He grew up very close to nature and most of his sculptures reflect on important Balinese life philosophies. His professional career began when he was still a student at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). His name started to gain popularity after he won Indonesia’ s Proclamator Monument competition in 1979 just before he graduated from ITB. Nyoman Nuarta has participated in the Art Nouveau movement in Indonesia since 1977.

Following the success is his early career, Nyoman Nuarta became recognized as one of Indonesia’s outstanding and foremost modern sculptors. In 2018, he completed his most ambitious and notable project – the GWK monument in Bali which was officiated by President Joko Widodo. It has become a significant landmark of Bali; standing 121 meters tall and weighing more than 3,000 tons. His career as an artist has won him numerous awards and recognitions including the “Padma Award” that was presented by the Indian Government in 2018. The collectors of his sculptures spread throughout the Asian-Pacific region, Europe, and many other countries.

Nuarta is indeed the gem and pride of Indonesia.

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