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S. P. Hidayat

S. P. Hidayat was born in Indramayu (West Java Barat), Indonesia. He studied at the Institute of Fine Art in Yogyakarta (ISI). Unlike most of his contemporaries, Hidayat found his artistic conscience in the impressionistic expressionist style. He believes that his paintings should strike an emotional chord with his audience and he emphasizes on the need to give expression to the deepest of human sentiments. Hence, he makes it a paramount principle that his paintings are not only about the objective representations of his subjects, but also the complexities and secrecies of their human condition.

Many believe that the budding maestro's strength lies in his sensitivity to the scenes of the ordinary, even mundane life, and his subsequent ability to elevate them to paintings that evoke the mind. Today, as witness to his artistic merit, Hidayat's works are actively collected by his countrymen - Indonesians, as well as all over South East Asia, Europe and North America.

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