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Sang Huoyao

Sang Huoyao is an artist who has dedicated his entire oeuvre to the exploration of ink and the study of silk painting over a period of three decades. An artist who is well-versed in the ancient philosophy of Lao Zhuang (老莊), the founder of Daoism, Sang strives to achieve the state of Jing Xiang (靜項), a state of immateriality that is expressive of the idiom ‘Da Dao Wu Xing’ (大道無型) that is expounded by Daoism. By layering thin veils of ink on silk, Sang has brought out the luminosity of the medium, thus illustrating the tonal possibilities of the ink medium. At the same time, his works exude an aesthetic that is reminiscent of the cultivated expression of the literati, while being simultaneously accessible to an international audience.

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