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Tian Longyu

  • 1981 Born in Shan Dong, China

  • 2011 "Into the Wild", Shang Yuan Art Center, Beijing

  • 2007 Graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

    Now lives and works in Beijing, China

    Selected Exhibition

  • 2022 "Healing Grief with Burning Sadness" - Tian Longyu Solo Exhibition,

    Linda Gallery, Beijing

  • 2019 "Re-Thinking Future - La Construccion de Lo Posible - 13th Havana Biennale"

    Galeria Origenes,EI Gran Teatro de la Havana

    The 4th Today's Documents "A Stitch in time", Today Art Museum,Beijing

  • 2018 "The Third Session - Tam Exhibition of Nominated Chinese Contemporary

    Young Artists", Today Art Museum, Beijing

    "The Jumble of Growth "Galleria Nazionale", D' arte Moderna, Rome

  • 2017 "Horizon" - Tian Longyu Solo Exhibition, K PROJECTS, Beijing

  • 2016 "The 3rd Today's Documents", Today Art Museum, Beijing

  • 2013 "Sensor", Yuan Dian Art Museum, Beijing

    "Sensor II", Zhong Jie Art Museum, Beijing

  • 2012 "Living - Bering", China-Dutch Contemporary Art Exhibition

    Song Zhuang Art Center, Beijing

    "I've been waiting for you for a long time", He Yi Hotel, Beijing

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