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Xiao Hong

Portraiture dominates the oeuvre of this powerful sensitive maestro. Born in inner Mongolia in 1966, Xiao Hong demonstrates a strong conviction for his countrymen, and will power of prominent scholars in Chinese history like Confucius. Unlike his predecessors, Xiao Hong chose to share his beliefs. His portraiture paintings merge images from the Cultural Revolution with portraits of everyday people. With his audience through paintings of common people, made beautiful through his haunting brushworks. Historical scenes and fragments of reality shine from the skin of his models, serves as a reminder of the past but also offers a glimmer of hope for the freedom and liberty of future generations. Xiao Hong’s silent faces drive home his belief in the younger generation of China: beautiful, contemporary, yet rooted in tradition.

Xiao Hong’s works are very well received in Art Fairs and have been collected by major private collections regionally.

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