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Yan Bo

As a representative of mid-aged Chinese artists works by Yan Bo reveal a harmonious coexistence of abstract shapes and colors. By utilizing mineral materials on his paintings, a kind of “physical property” appears in his works. Seeking unique materials in his art forms, Yan Bo distances himself from the boundary of rectangular or square canvas and creates works in an irregular shape. Drawing mixed materials into painting practice, the colors and other materials pile up and get polished; the overlapped mineral material displays a history of each work and the passage of time coheres as the thickness of the painting.

Ultimately, the work Yan Bo accomplishes turns into solid objects with a strong vitality. Stemming from the aesthetics of objects in traditional Chinese culture, Yan Bo’s work is a spiritual being with tactility, and the profoundness of objects would lead viewers to travel from the visual experience to the tactile experience. His works set speculation for the “special objects” in the mixed area of paintings and objects. As Yan Bo mentions, “What I did is piling up the momentary lapses. A small existence is formed through the coincidence of logic.” The power and the exquisite technique unfold the artist’s courageous breakthrough, in the meantime, showing audiences an unprecedented enjoyment of aesthetic appreciation.

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