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Art Fairs


Art Jakarta Gardens 2024

Art Jakarta 2023

ArtMoment Jakarta 2023

2023 Beijing Contemporary Art Expo

April 23-28, 2024

April 23-1, 2023

August 18-20, 2023

April 28, 2023


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"Ruhua Wilding" Solo Exhibition by Jia Wei (KK)

2024 Singapore Art Exhibition: Cai Zhisong

The Real Illusion by Tulus Warsito

Twilight of The God by Zhang Linhai

July 19 - 30, 2024

February 23 - March 3, 2024

January 27, 2024

January 12 - March 24, 2024

Artist of The Week

15 蔡志松 Cai Zhisong, 《金蝶Golden Butterfly》家园Homeland, 不锈钢、镀钛Stainless steel, titanium platin

Cai Zhisong

In 1997 he graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Sculpture. From 1998-2008, he taught at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in the Sculpture department. Amongst the numerous awards which he has been awarded, these several are the most important: 2001 the Taylor Prize at the Paris Autumn Salon when he was 29, becoming the highest honor won by Chinese artists in its 103-year history; 2004 he was awarded the President’s prize at Central Academy of Fine Arts.

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