Ridiculous Fairy Tale

Uncovering from the perspective of the Creator, fairy tales are timeless. The world of adulthood is in fact more exhilarating, absurd, embarrassing, delusive, exaggerated, and cruel. Ultimately, the world that we live in, where the protagonist becomes a choreographer and performer; a perpetrator and victim at the same time.  

Zhang Linhai

The Logic of The Iron Cage


Curator :Zhu Zhu


2019.11.10 - 12.31

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Fu Shuai's solo exhibition

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Linda Gallery 林大艺术中心

Linda Gallery was established in 1990, with headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia, and branch offices in Beijing and Singapore. Linda Gallery has promoted Chinese and Southeast Asian art for over 20 years, and has established an international platform of exchange for artists, collectors, and art institutions. At the same time, as one of the most influential art platforms in Southeast Asia, Linda Gallery continues to raise the profile of some of the most promising artists to esteemed collectors and art institutions. In recent years, Linda Gallery has jointly held numerous art exhibitions with famed museums and participated in many well-known art fairs within the region, drawing Chinese and Southeast Asian artists ever closer to an international dialogue.

Linda Gallery cooperative artists include: Chen Shuzhong, Cai Zhisong, Cai Lei, Fu Shuai, Gao Minglu, Jiang Shuo, Li Shan, Li Zhanyang, Liu Kuo-sung (Liu Guosong), Nyoman Nuarta, Ren Zhe, Rearngsak Boonyavanishkul, Srihadi Soedarsono, Sunaryo, Sui Jianguo, Shang Yang, Sun Liang, Sun Daliang, Wang Guangyi, Wu Shaoxiang, Xia Xiaowan, Xiao Hong, Xue Song, Ye Yongqing, Yu Fan, Zang Kunkun, Zhu Wei, Zhang Linhai and so on.



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